Bryan Reeves has for more than twenty-five years been actively dealing in African tribal art and adornment. Progressing from a market stall and shop on Portobello Road in the early 1990’s, to a London based gallery of more than 20 years, namely ‘Tribal Gathering London’. During this time he has been constantly refining his eye.


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Ceremonial hat

Ceremonial hat

Porcupine quills and bird feathers or red attached to a woven fiber skull cap

Bameleke culture.Cameroon


_MG_3146 (1).JPG

Fine bronze pendant

A finely cast bronze prestige pendant of a leopard 

Baule culture.Ivory Coast

Ex Seward Kennedy collection.London

First half 20th century

7 cm x 4.5 cm

£580 (mounted)


Group of woven baskets

A group of six finely woven prestige baskets

Barotose or Lozi people.Zambia

Ranging in size from 14 cm - 30 cm in height

All mid 20th century or before and in good condition and contrasting designs

Ex private collection .UK


_MG_2963 (1).JPG

Dinka Staff



A beautifully formed prestige staff or club

Dinka culture. Southern Sudan

First half 20th century

Elegantly tapered form with mushroom-shaped head and goldern patina

H -  74 cm


_MG_3901 (1).JPG

Fine 'deangle' Mask.



Dan people.Ivory Coast. 

Carved from a dense wood with typical refined features, fine nose, parted lips with white metal teeth.

Field collected in 1968 and circa 1950's or before.

Ex private collection Germany.

Hermann Sommerhage.Germany.

H - 26 cm 


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