Cordelia Donohoe is based in London, UK, dealing in antique and vintage ethnic and tribal items - textiles, jewellery and objects, from Africa, Asia and the Middle East she continues to develop her areas of interest, particularly textiles. " I seek out rare and special items as I learn more, find intriguing items and confer with collectors and historians." 


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African textile Large Ewe cloth2_8.jpg
Ewe Chief Fia Dagadu 111 about 1930.jpg

Large Ewe textile (section shown)

Ghana or Togo

C 1920-50.

Worn by a high status man or chief


Section of a really glorious Large Ewe woven textile for a high status man or chief C 1920-50 Ghana or Togo. Cloths of this intricate quality were always few and far between and are increasingly difficult to source. Only the wealthiest men and women could afford to commission one as the cost of a cloth increased with the complexity of design and the number of weft motifs. The client would meet with a master weaver and agree the broad parameters of the design such as the colours of the ground cloth, then the weaver would improvise variations in the details as he wove. It could take up to a year to weave this. 


Ewe Chief Fia Dagadu 111 photographed in about 1930


Ashante, Kente Cloth (Section shown).


C 1930 -50



Section of a high status Ashante indigo weave. 

A Classic style of blue and white cotton kente in which a mainly white ground adds emphasis to the alternation of solid blocks of indigo dyed blue cotton framing small blue weft float motifs. Each motif is unique and rivals Western modern art. 

Ewe, Woman's Cloth (Section shown).

Fine prestige Ewe woman's cloth

Circa 1950




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