Frans Faber has been a dealer for 35 years he offers a diverse collection of fine antique and tribal art of many cultures, including:


   • Indonesian Archipelago

   • New Guinea

   • Southeast Asia

   • Philippines

   • Oceania

   • Africa

   • America


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Winnowing tray

Saramaka, Maroons, Suriname Wood, brass tacks
Diameter: 62 cm, height: 8 cm First quarter 20th century

The tray is exceptional because the carving is not only on the inside but also on the outside.
Round trays are used mainly for winnowing rice, but also as carrying trays and for the presentation of ritual food offerings.



Tribal currency

Primitive money
New Britain, Arawe Region, P.N.G.
Mother of pearl, nassa shell, natural fiber, metal thread, wool Height: 20 cm, width: 15 cm
20th century
Collected in situ by a Dutch family

An exchange object. This tribal currency is still used in the Arawe society.


Beaded apron, jocolo

Ndebele, South Africa
Glass beads, leather
Length: 53 cm, width: 48 cm First half 20th century

This married woman's apron signifies fertility. It has been worn at ceremonial occasions.



Kain Songket

Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia Silk, gold thread
Length: 221 cm, width: 87 cm Early 20th century

Silk woman's shoulder cloth with supplementary weft gold thread and weft ikat. These textiles were used at important life- crisis rites.


P1100948 (1).jpeg

Shona/ Tsonga headrest

South Africa, Zimbabwe Wood
Length: 18 cm, height: 13 cm 19th century

These headrests are always valuable possessions. They were kept and cherished. They will help to enter the world of dreams.


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