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The East Coast-based Cassera family art business was founded by the late George D. Cassera in 1960. Over the past 60 years, the gallery has maintained a strong emphasis on fine art and design. In 2011, David A. Cassera relocated to the Pacific Northwest where he manages three gallery locations (Vancouver B.C., La Conner, WA and Stanwood, WA) while maintaining a seasonal New York City presence. David is an internationally known specialist in the traditional arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas. David has continued with his father's fine art and design legacy with an additional focus on 'Primitivism'. 'Primitivism' is a Western art movement that borrows visual forms from non-Western or indigenous peoples, such as Picasso's embrace of African and Oceanic sculpture during the dawn of Cubism. Cassera utilizes his inherent design talent in juxtaposition with his vast knowledge of ancient cultures to emphasize how borrowings from 'Primitive Art' has been important to the development of modern and contemporary art.




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