Alan Marcuson & Diane Hall

A Rare Figural Pipe Bowl


Benguet province, Philippines

4.5 x 7 cms


Multumin parvo – much in little. This is one of several pieces in our offering that exemplify the Roman term used in the classical art world to describe tiny exquisite things. In this instance a highly expressive horse’s head protrudes from the bowl of this small and delicately carved pipe. The bowl would have been attached to a long stem, the tiny hole under the bowl was used to attach the bowl to the stem and possibly a pipe cleaner as well with a fibre string or fine chain.

There are 120 Philippine pipes in the American Museum of Natural History and while they have several depicting other beasts (e.g., carabao, water buffalo) there are none depicting a horse, and none as finely carved as this exquisite example.

See the image provided. Museum of Natural History NY, Catalog No: 70.1/ 4504.Dated: circa 1900.

Inv: 4175


signs of use and age



circa 1900


4.5 x 7 cms




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A Rare Figural Pipe Bowl

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