Laurent Granier

Three Massim and Collingwood Bay Lime Spatulas

Massim and Collingwood Bay

Papua New Guinea

White spatula: 20 cm ; Black spatula: 32,5 cm ; Green spatula: 24,5 cm


Offered individually are these three excellent Massim and Collingwood Bay lime spatulas.

The white spatula comes from Sudest Island and is made of Dugong (rib) bone and is adorned with banana seeds and trade beads. It comes from Dr Richard Aldridge, Australia. A rare and beautiful example with lots of use.

The black spatula is named "Gavi" and comes from the Collingwood bay. It is made of wood and the top part represents, on both sides, female genitaliaThe blade is decorated with typical zig zags. A unique example, with lots of use use, which I found in a small auction in Bordeaux (France) described as a letter opener (sic)

The green one is made of greenstone and was collected by Michael Hamson in the village of Kituma in southern Collingwood Bay. This is a very rare type of spatula called Waki Yoke, a specimen reserved to chiefs of the "guardian clans" (Hamson) as only three others were identified in museum collections, all dated from before 1890 (Dr Harry Beran) The spatula is published in "Art of the Massim and Collingwood Bay", by Michael Hamson (2009), p. 236-237.

All three spatulas sit on a custom base. 




(see description)


Late 19th to early 20th century


White spatula: 20 cm ; Black spatula: 32,5 cm ; Green spatula: 24,5 cm



White spatula: xx ; Black spatula: XX ; Green spatula: XX


Three Massim and Collingwood Bay Lime Spatulas

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