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Tribal Art London's Upcoming Online Exhibition

Spirit Animals

ONLINE - 03 Dec to 10th Jan 2020

Tribal Art London fair brings together experienced, reputable dealers, each a specialist in fine tribal art drawn from all corners of the globe. Every item offered for sale has been chosen for its quality and authenticity.

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After much thought we have decided to postpone the September 2020 Tribal Art London fair to September 2021. While it is regrettable that this decision had to be made we feel it was the right choice in the current situation to ensure the continuation of the standards of the fair and keep our exhibitors and visitors safe. We are continuing to support the Tribal Art community by hosting a series of curated exhibitions. Please fill in our contact section if you would like to be added to our mailing list and updated of all upcoming Tribal Art London events or email tribalartlondon@gmail.com


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