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TAF 2022 will take place this year 27/28/29/30th October. 21 dealers will participate showing their most recent acquisitions Click on the TAF logo to visit the TAF 2022 fair website.


Connecting African art collectors with dealers and scholars, based on a foundation of knowledge about the origin, use & distinguishing features of listed pieces

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Tribal Art Magazine is a luxurious quarterly magazine specialised on the Arts of Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas.

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Founded in 2003, EdUKaid operates in the rural Mtwara region of southern Tanzania improving access to education for some of the country’s most disadvantaged children through simple, low cost, sustainable and embedded interventions.  

San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show showcases 70 dealers from around the world. 

Works range from the finest textiles and rugs from North Africa, Asia, North America, and India through remarkable stone and woodcarvings from Indonesia, Africa, and Oceania. preserving a cultural tradition.


An international association of renown galleries and experts in Tribal Art. The Tribal Art Society features an online catalogue every month listing quality works of Tribal art that have been thoroughly vetted by our select members, who are the in-house experts. 

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