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Cordelia Donohoe is based in London, UK, mainly specialising in adornment - jewellery, textiles and objects, from Africa, Asia and the Middle East she continues to develop her areas of interest, " I seek out rare and special items as I learn more, find intriguing items and confer with collectors and historians." 



Bull Mask 1 Tribal Fair.jpg
Bull Mask_2 Tribal Fair.jpg

A Tussian Buffalo Helmet Mask


A striking rare wooden helmet surmounted by a stylized representation of a buffalo with a pair of curving horns projecting from a flat, rectangular head, a tubular body standing on four legs. There are two large, curving horns which are attached to the helmet with leather strips.
Initiation is central to spiritual and social practices of Tussian culture in Burkina Faso. In preparation for its most important event that occurs only every forty years, initiates stay in seclusion for three months. They are in turn given the names of a variety of animals associated with tutelary spirits represented through mask forms. These masks become the property of the newly named initiates. This example consists of a wooden helmet surmounted by a stylized representation of a buffalo, an animal associated with ideas of leadership and prestige.


Burkina Faso

Mid 20th Century.

Provenance UK collection.

Stand is includedHeight w/o stand 17 inches/43 cms, width 19 inches/48 cmsHeight with stand which is attached to the helmet 23ins//58cms

weight 5.1 kg


Dan mask Paracourt 1 Tribal Fair.jpg
Dan mask Paracourt_2.jpg

Dan Gägon (Bird Mask)

    The Dan believe that ‘in’ and behind’ this world exists an essential force called dü which is usually described as a power that is present in all aspects of the world. Dü manifests itself as invisible spirits which may take the form of men or animals. There are some dü spirits which in order to realise a physical nature, must rely on men to create a tangible form for them as masks or figures. The dü causes a man to dream of it and then instructs him in the means through which it must be materialised. One type of dü spirit prefers to be manifested as a masquerade - these are the mask spirits.
Ivory Coast

A fine Dan bird mask, which would originally have had a monkey hair beard and possibly bead decoration around the head.Small split in wood over right eye.

Mid 20th Century 

Supplied with standHeight w/o stand 11 ins/28 cms side profile length 10.5 ins/26cms


Lozi snake.JPG
Lozi snake_2.JPG

Superb large Lozi food dish with snake


Food bowl created by the Lozi people of Zambia. Ornamental bowls like this one were used by the Lozi people of Zambia for storage. A lidded bowl with a decorative handle would be used to store food, or as a meat platter for serving meals.

length including handles 40cms

height 17cms


Lozi duck.JPG

Small Lozi food dish with duck


Lozi people, Zambia.

Length 23cms


antelope mask Banama or Malinke tribe_3.
antelope mask Banama or Malinke tribe_1.

Banama or Bambara Tribe Mask. N'tomo 


Although predominantly Muslim, both Islamic and traditional views are entwined in Banama culture. They have retained traditional initiation societies responsible for training boys to fulfill their adult roles. 
Masking performances and other techniques are used to instill self-awareness, discipline, and sacred knowledge in young men. This mask is anthropomorphic in form,  ie has human aspects and the horns which are part of the circumcision ceremony represent the dancers gender role. Two horns signify androgyny ie an uncircumcised male.  Aluminum, which first became available with the advent of airplanes, enriches the mask's surface with cut and stamped geometric shapes.  


Height without stand 12 ins/30cms
The stand can be included. It also looks striking on the wall.


Fish head_7 main.jpg

Spirit animal mask Burkino Faso 

Dramatic fish head totem mask, Mossi Tribe, Burkino Faso. The Mossi believe their souls are connected to the animals in the totems. 20th C 

Height w/o stand 77cms 


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