Ian Stewart Shaw has been dealing in the Arts of Africa for more than 20 years. First introduced to African Tribal Art by two Glasgow Artists in the 1980’s finding the mix of traditional cultures and the aesthetics of the objects fascinating.

Ian believes the  appeal of Tribal objects is not confined to the collector. Tribal objects and Textiles compliment minimal backgrounds in many contemporary interior design concepts. He is regularly contacted by Interior Design clients looking for inspiration and innovation.





Venda Spoon 


Northern South Africa.

The Venda are cattle owners and their iconography is often found on their prestige objects. The Cow Horns are prominent on the handle of this spoon. 

Late 19th century in fine condition. Price £580.00

Ashante Kuduo


19th Century


15cm x 10cm

In very fine condition this Kuduo would have been used to store gold and valuable personal items . Beautiful iconography of the 3 little birds as handles on the lid . The birds will represent peace and tranquility.

Price £880.00

Early 20th Century Ladle 

Gurunsi people 

Burkina Faso 

Used as a water ladle in very good condition with the head of a crocodile on the ladle stem. The crocodile is saying 'do not touch'.

Price £680.00

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