Kenn Mackay developed an interest in ethnographic art in the early 1980`s when travelling extensively in Africa, Asia and South America running an import business. He lived and worked in South America for many years buying and selling antiques, paintings, colonial and regional art works from all over South America as well as collecting and studying Pre Columbian Art.

His knowledge and expertise in ethnographic antiques and tribal art has accumulated over more than 25 years.




Rare Tibetan Chaang  Vessel


Elephant Ivory and silver gilt

Height 23 cm
Period: 19th century  POR


Pre Columbian Vicus anthropomorphic  Vessel of a Bat Person

Vicus Peru Circa 200 Bc - 300 AD 

Height 16 cm


Indonesian Lime spatula handle kneeling figure with Phallic head

Boar tusk

Period late

19th century

9 cm

Fine Rare Large Antique Kabyle Berber Silver Coral Necklace

Period early/mid 20th century.


Native American beaded belt

Great Lakes
19th century


Very Fine Old Somali Headrest

Boni Tribe 


Rare pair of Ibeji Figures

Ketu, Nigeria

Chinese Opium Pipe

Fine 19th century Chinese opium pipe, Silver wood , Ivory with Ceramic Damper £1250

Fiji Gata Club

Fine Quality 19th century Fiji Club , Fine carving, Iron wood, no cracks or damage  L 90 cm £650

Polynesian war Club


pole type club Hard wood Fiji or Samoa L 55 cm  £550

Knife Sudan

Ivory handle with Islamic inscribed blade beaded sheath £150

Pre Columbian Chancay  wood mask  C 100 -1400 Ad Peru

Wood mask with red pigment, human hair and textile head band. Ex Uk collection before 1960, £450

Pre Columbian Chancay Beaker C 1100-1400 AD

Unusual beaker shaped vessel with small fox H 22 cm £325

Tibetan Gilt Copper Avalokiteshvara 18 th C

Fine Gilt copper Multi Headed Avalokiteshvara , Old losses to arms. POR


Composite snake headed impliment with fish bone blade and Fibre binding £195  Asian por Celyon