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Based in Vienna and London, actively looking for quality pieces of Tribal, Oceanic Art in Scandinavia, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Raccanello is driven by an interest in different cultures and arts, having spent time extensively in New Zealand and travelling to Australia, The Cook Islands and sailing from Tahiti to the Tuamotu Islands; creating a particular interest in Polynesian culture and art. However, he is equally interested by all areas of the genre, be it an African fly whisk or North American mask.





A Vanuatu Bird Canoe Prow



L 52cm
This carved wooden outrigger canoe prow comes from the coast of northeastern Malakula Island,Northern central Vanuatu. The Small Islands cultures of northeast Malakula – Vao, Atchin, Wala, Rano, Uripiv and Uri – are the only cultures in Vanuatu to possess detachable carvedcanoe prows.

The male owner of a canoe pays (in pigs) a sculptor to make a canoe prow containing the relevant elements of the former’s ritual status. The main form of most prows signifies a type of revered seagoing bird that is associated with chiefly travel and endeavour. The length/depth of the internal cut through the bird’s beak and body is related to the height of the owner’s rank. Such prows are often brightly painted.

Provenance - Ex Wayne Heathcote



An North Western Asmat Region Ancestral Shield


Papua New Guinea - L145cm W47cm. Shields were not only used in battle but also scare off evil spirits. Shields were made for a feast to commence a headhunting raid

Featuring scrolled motifs and Flying Fox motifs, a symbol of head taking. The rounded/ oval head has a range of meanings from faces to tattoos or animals such as the the Stingray.

Ex French Private Collection



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