Rob Temple is based in Gent, Belgium and trades primarily in African tribal art. His collection is carefully curated, angular wood sculptures with a highly modernist feel sit next to pieces with intricately decorative surfaces. 





Baule Goli Glin Mask

Ivory Coast

63cms long approx

Carved in the form of a stylised bushcow, antelope and crocodile amalgam with a striking red, black and white painted decoration. A reglued repair to top of horn (right hand side as you look at it).




18/19th C Ashanti Bronze Gold Weights



Various figures including birds, antelope, lions with prey and beetles cast from nature.

Priced individually or as a group.


Tsonga prestige staff

South Africa / Mozambique

1st Half 20th Century

The shaft carved with three twisting snakes spiralling up the shaft of the staff and terminating in two figures in conversation. Carved from a single piece of wood.

149.5cms long.



Barrdgadubu bark painting

Aboriginal, Australia

2nd Half 20th Century

Fine large bark painting of a "Wada freshwater fish" signed to the reverse.




19th C Shallow Wooden Bowl



Fine wooden food bowl in the abstract form of a turtle.

66cms long


Senufo Bronze Bracelets / Cuffs


Ivory Coast, 19th / Early 20th Century

17.5 & 10.5cms tall.

The first doubling as a currency and the second  decorated with a finely detailed beetle? although the collector's sticker suggests spider (unlikely, I think,  looking at the head of the creature).

Ex. Belgian collection.

Larger Cuff SOLD & £250

Ashanti Lion & Gilt Porcupine


Ghana, Early 20th Century

17 & 18cms long

Finely patinated painted lion (losses to tail) & gilt wood porcupine (many spines missing), probably a linguist staff top. Ex. German collection.

£250 & Porcupine SOLD

Edo / Early Meiji Period Drumstick?


Japan, 19th Century

36cms long

Richly patinated wood stick (possibly a drumstick?) with monkey surmount, the monkey with inlaid bone and metal eyes.